About Us

Hi everyone, I am Dinuka from Sri Lanka. This site is the ‘Image Gallery’ of its parent website ‘Explore Sri Lanka‘.

‘Explore Sri Lanka’ is a website focused to give a comprehensive picture of Sri Lanka to its readers. Although the main focus would be ‘Places to visit in Sri Lanka’, ‘culture and lifestyle’ of Sri Lanka will also be covered here in this website. In ‘Explore Sri Lanka’, primarily targeted audience is foreign travellers, but there will be lot of valuable information even for locals for sure.

Number of images (captured only by me) will be posted related to each and every article in parent website, Explore Sri Lanka. Because the images speak themselves. But when there are large number of images related to an article, the complete image gallery will be posted here to avoid getting slow the parent website. So the readers will not have a bad experience.

So, now I think you are clear about the purpose of this website and what you will get out of it. Hope to see you around always.

Dinuka (Founder of ‘Explore Sri Lanka’)

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