Dehiwala Zoo

Large flamingos

map of the zoo

Pond of Pelicans at Dehiwala Zoo

A flower

A pair of Macaws eating

A macaw on tree

beautiful macaw

Crazy Cockatoo

Eating Cockatoo

possing parrot

Scary Bird

Sleeping Otter

Geese ParadeCouple of Geese

The little waterfall at ZooWhite Geese

running bear at Dehiwala Zoo

List of birds at Dehiwala zoofunny parrot

Shouting parrot

A Parrot eatingsleeping tigers

Beautiful flowers

sleeping monkey

Hipos in water

animal in captivity

An african elephant at Dehiwala Zoo

Deers having lunch at Dehiwala Zoo

A Deer cub


Thinking Orangutan

Orangutan at Dehiwala Zoo

Chevrotain (Mouse-Deer)Macaws

Emu birdGreater Kudu

Crazy monkey



scale for giraffes

Sad Mule at Dehiwala Zoo

Sad Mule at Dehiwala Zoo

Zebras at Dehiwala Zoo

Zebras eating

Sea lion with his ball

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